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Compass Level user manual v2.0

Essential android app
Compass Level Manual v2.0
New design, New features

Compass Level is an android App to display an integrated compass and level, using built-in magnetic & accelerator sensors of your smartphone. The Premium version, with additional GPS features and no ads, is obtainable by in-App purchase.

  * Features available in the free version

* How to use Compass:
The four NSEW-letters just on the outer circle indicate the main wind directions. In the top center of the bottom panel, you find the current azimuth that the top front of your smartphone is pointing to.

* Compass usage:
When you get lost directions while travelling or hiking, you can find the correct direction.

* How to use Level:
The closer the air bubble is located in the center of the circle, the better horizontal is your smartphone's attitude. Additionally, the two level bars indicate Pitch(vertical) and Roll(horizontal). The pitch means a tilt angle of up and down based on your smartphone's attitude. The roll means a tilt angle of left and right based on your smartphone's attitude.

If you enable Vibration or Sound if Level in Settings, your smartphone will give such feedback when the air bubble is in the centre.

Also, when you position your device upright, the level becomes the vertical mode like above. It is called the 'Hang' level. This 'Hang' level helps you hanging a frame.

If you don't want to see the 'Hang' level, make disable the 'Hang' level mode by touching the icon at the left-bottom of the circle. Or uncheck the "Use 'Hang' level" in settings.

* Level usage:
Hanging a shelf or a photo frame, installing a washing machine or a furniture and quickly leveling out your motor home or caravan, it will be very useful.

* Compass accuracy:
Let's take a look at the two values at the bottom of the panel, Accuracy and Magnetic field. The Accuracy value, especially the (Magnetic) Sensor accuracy, is displayed as a zero to 5-step signal. Furthermore, the (Magnetic) Field value represents the strength of the magnetic field around you and your device . A value between 30~60μT equals a usual strength in nature. You can see the value increase if you move your device towards some metal part, another smartphone etc.

When you tap the accuracy or magnetic field values in the panel, you can see the Sensor accuracy screen as shown in the right. In this screen, the magnetic field is displayed in a form of a gauge. The accuracy values are separately displayed into an acceleration sensor and a magnetic sensor. Also, the "Magnetic sensor Calibration Guide" is provided. Once your compass is inaccurate, please follow the guide. It will help you to correct the magnetic sensor.

* Compass calibration:
If you find any error on the compass, check the accuracy value. If an error remains even after following the guide steps like above "Sensor Accuracy" screen, you can manually calibrate an azimuth of the compass through 'Calibration' > 'Compass calibration'. This function doesn't calibrate the sensor, but just a ± calibration to the azimuth. You can revert to the original values at any time through 'Reset compass calibration' in the menu.

* Level calibration:

If you find any error on the level, you can calibrate the level through 'Calibration' > 'Level calibration'. You can revert to the original values at any time through 'Reset level calibration' in the menu.

  * Features available in the premium version

The bottom panel is consisted of three pages: Compass Level page, Current position page and Target position page.

* How to use Current Position:

Your current position can be found from the mobile network, WIFI or GPS. Altitude and Speed values are available only if the GPS is enabled.

You can change the convention of coordinates or measurement of units by touching the values. For instance, when you touch the Altitude value, it will be switched between meter and feet.

You can jump to the map application easily by tapping the address value.

There is "Send my location" in the menu. You can send your current location (including latitude, longitude, altitude, GPS error range, address and google map link) via messaging apps or social networks.

Also, press and hold any part of the panel, "Position Info" popup comes up. You can copy your location to the clipboard or share it with your family or friends.

* Current Position usage:

1. Arrived at a new place, you might wonder your whereabouts, or maybe you wish to know an approximate address indication. Take a look at the current position, and all questions are gone.

2. Get lost when hiking or traveling, you can send your current position to your friends or family. It will help them to recognize your current position.

* How to use Target Position:
Target position consists of the name and the address of the target position and the direction and the distance from the current position to the target position.

You can find the heading to the target position on the outer circle of the compass shown above. 
You can store up to 5 target positions.

* Target Position usage:

1. Where did I park my car again? Register your current position as target, and never again will you find yourself wondering around for your wagon.

2. Will we meet again here? While on a group tour, you also like to have your own way for some time. Agreed where to join up again, register the current position and enjoy 'with me for a while' in time.

* Settings:
Here you can change sensor update cycle, sensor sensitivity, compass heading unit, vibration/sound on level and use of 'Hang' level.

* Important remarks:

If your smartphone cover contains a magnet, it will affect the compass. Please preferably remove the cover momentarily when you use the compass feature.

If you encounter any problem or incorrect language expression, please contact us via:


  1. It seems the calibration info is not saved. Every time I use the level, it shows a large error and I need to calibrate it before use. How do I save the level calibration info ?

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